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About Partnership
Partnership with Citadel of Life Cathedral provides an exceptional and meaningful opportunity to reach millions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a Covenant Partner you are recognized as an integral part of the Citadel of Life Cathedral family and you are valued for what you make possible.

Through broadcasts, technology and local outreach, Citadel of Life Cathedral affords our Partners the opportunity to affect the world from where they are. Your financial support enables us to spread the love of Jesus Christ through sharing the Gospel, to feed and clothe those who are in need, and to provide words of encouragement and hope each day to people from all walks of life. At Citadel of Life Cathedral, we truly cater to body, mind and spirit as we transform lives, heal hearts and win souls.

When you partner with Citadel of Life Cathedral you share in the reward and satisfaction of having carried out Matthew 25:35
‘For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

Ephesians 6:8 further assures us that - what we make happen for others, God will make happen for us!
So, as a Covenant Partner, you not only make ‘a world of difference’ but you also enable us to fulfill the Great Commission to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, and you have the opportunity to ‘make the world different’.

As a treasured Covenant Partner, you also share in the anointing and favor on Citadel’s life as we keep you under her Spiritual Covering by praying for you, your loved ones, and your needs on a daily basis.


Who is a Covenant Partner?

A Covenant Partner is an individual or organization that pledges to support Citadel of Life Cathedral with a minimum monthly commitment of $25 or $300 per year. Many partners pledge $50, $100, or more per month as the Lord enables them.

Who is a Pillar?

‘Pillars’ – are partners who make a financial commitment to Citadel of Life Cathedral of at least $2,500 per year to promote the Gospel and support missions around the world.

How do I become a Partner?

Becoming a Covenant Partner is easy! Simply make your commitment via telephone, web, or mail. When we receive your first monthly contribution, you will be recognized as a “Partner” and your exclusive partnership package will be sent out to you in a few days! You will also receive access to your exclusive partnership benefits available through the website.

Can I become a Partner at anytime during the year?

Yes! You may “step up, link up, and partner up” with us at any time during the year. However, to maintain your partnership benefits, we will evaluate your commitment on a rolling 12-month basis. This means that each year on your anniversary month, we will make sure that you are still supporting us regularly with your prayers and financial contributions.

Do I have to renew my partnership each year?

We will remind you of the importance of your partnership and what your support means to us periodically during the year. It’s just our way of making sure that we are still in covenant – and your response lets us know that the ministry is still blessing you, as you continue to be a blessing to us!

How will I identify myself as a Covenant Partner at Citadel of Life Cathedral Events?

You will receive a durable and attractive Citadel of Life Cathedral Covenant Partner packet that will give you access to the special benefits made available to Citadel of Life Cathedral Covenant partners.

What are the benefits of Partnership?

1. In-depth teachings on CD that are specially selected for Citadel of Life Cathedral Partners Only
2. Exclusive Internet access to Covenant Partner features on our website
3. Special gifts made exclusively for Partners each year
4. The satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of others

* Spiritual covering through covenant prayer and teaching from Bishop Larry Chester

How do I remit my Monthly Pledge?

You may also remit your funds by mailing it each month to:

Citadel Of Life Cathedral: 1865 N. Econlockhatchee Trail, Orlando, FL 32817

Citadel’s Commitment to You

As my cherished Covenant Partner, my staff and I pledge to pray for you daily as I keep you under my spiritual covering. You will receive advanced notice of all visits to your area, and be invited to Partner Receptions at Citadel of Life Cathedral sponsored events. You will also receive exclusive VIP invitations to special ministry related gatherings as scheduled and specially selected gifts from Bishop Chester throughout the year.

Thank you for being a blessing to me personally and to Citadel of Life Cathedral. I appreciate you, and couldn’t do what I do without your generous outpouring of love and support.

In Covenant,

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